Hey there, Welcome to Cooky Mom

I’m Nancy, and I’m absolutely in love with cooking, food and kitchen blogs. I’m a foodie at heart but being the mother of two small boys, it’s not always easy to keep up with fancy dinners… Not to mention the fact that I also, been pushing myself hard into getting in shape and being healthy. Who says a mother of two can’t be in a good physique? While of course, being a Mom Hmmm…? 

I have learned a lot of techniques and tricks for the past years that I’ve been doing this, and I would love to share it with other moms like me. Being at home most of the time preparing healthy meals to my boys, whom by the way are picky eaters, so it’s a relentless battle to guise for a new menu that every one of us will enjoy. And hope you, readers, enjoy too…

My utmost priority is always to provide my kids with the healthiest meals I could prepare. I mean healthiest, doesn’t necessarily mean it would need to take my whole time.

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Why do I choose to prepare our own food?

First of all it’s about health, with the advent of so many uncommon illnesses which traces its inception to processed and unhealthy foods. I promised myself to not let my family have any of that. The availability of fast food/processed food today is overwhelming, now I'm not saying those are necessarily bad, as some business also pitch the idea of going organic or healthy. But, most of the time the cost of this healthier choices is really limiting our budget. Especially I am growing two young big eaters at home. And besides preparing your own food gives yourself the satisfaction of being truly a MOM. And you get to work with a budget and be picky in what you concoct for your family.

What you guys will see here are healthy recipes I got from the help of other foodie moms, experimentations, and some recipes that I already served. I try to keep you guys updated every time so be sure to check out my blog for new updates. Hope you guys enjoy our foods here, all the best!