All-Clad vs Calphalon: Which Is The Right One For You?

Investing in a quality cookware set will allow you to save money in the long run, as you don’t need to replace them frequently. Depending on how you use and maintain your cookware pieces, they will surely last for a couple of years.

If you’ve decided to invest in such cookware sets, you can consider two of the most established brands: All-Clad and Calphalon. Both brands are enjoying fame as of the moment, and millions of home cooks and chefs have these sets in their possession.

All-Clad and Calphalon also guarantee high-quality performance and long-lasting durability. With that in mind choosing the best one can be quite confusing.

To help you decide, in this All-Clad vs. Calphalon guide, I will compare these two brands based on different features or factors. I will also include the winner in a given category so that you can easily determine what makes one better than another.

So, if you’re ready, then let’s get started!

All-Clad Overview

All-Clad vs Calphalon: Which Is The Right One For You? 1 #cookymom


  • Stainless steel is made in the USA
  • The company is popular among professional cooks
  • All-Clad is known for producing fully clad cookware
  • High-temperature resistance


  • There are no budget and entry-level options
  • Offers some of the costliest clad-ware

All-Clad is one of the most renowned companies around the world, offering premium quality products. In fact, this company can make your cooking experience more efficient and less hassle.

All-Clad, on the other hand, usually stocks the collections of cookware in sets. While they are quite pricey, know that they can offer great value for the money as the cookware sets are made of premium-quality materials.

All-Clad cookware is built with 3, 5, and 7 layers. Further bonded with a stainless material, the pieces come with a pleasant interior touch as well as a stunning exterior finish that is made of aluminum. To make that no food will be burned, the base of All-Clad is capable of distributing heat evenly.

Another great thing about the brand is that they offer a wide variety of products such as D3, D5, and D7. Craftsmanship is also applied when manufacturing products, which is a very good thing. The adopted bonding procedure is obviously noticeable in that such items are solid and durable and will last for a couple of years.

Cookware sets from All-Clad remain excellent in everything. What’s more, with the stainless-steel covers, the pot will be able to lock the moisture in order to speed up the process of cooking. The company even claims that it can resist heat up to 500-degree Fahrenheit. Further, the cookware has straight and long stainless steel that guarantees an easy and comfortable grip.

Calphalon Overview

All-Clad vs Calphalon: Which Is The Right One For You? 2 #cookymom


  • It is designed to distribute even heat.
  • The cookware sets are backed with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Calphalon offers a wide variety of nonstick and stainless-steel cookware
  • It will allow you to cook with little to no oil


  • PTFE is utilized in some of Calphalon’s nonstick cookware.
  • The nonstick surface of nonstick options will become less effective sooner or later.
  • The glass covers are not as durable as metal covers

A company based in the United States, Calphalon is so popular for producing top-quality cookware. In fact, Calphalon pots and pans are constructed from hard-anodized aluminum. Further, in 1968, the company created a mark in the market after they introduced the most durable nonstick and stainless-steel cookware.

Calphalon’s cookware is made to serve people for several years. The solid built offering amazing durability has touched the heart of many chefs. Also, the body can retain the heat even.

When it comes to the interior, it has a well-polished nonstick coating. For the exterior, it is reflecting a love touch sort of a design.

As of the moment, the company is using stainless steel on the exterior and hard-anodized aluminum for the cooking surface. This is to ensure that the items are all comfortable and healthy to use. Compared to other models, such pots and pans have nonstick interiors to guarantee easy food release. Meaning to say, no food will be left on the surface, which makes the cleaning process a lot easier.

Another feature that sets Calphalon apart from others is that it can be used in many different stovetops. It is even oven-safe and can tolerate up to 450-degree Fahrenheit.

All-Clad vs Calphalon Comparison

All-Clad vs Calphalon Comparison

All-Clad vs Calphalon: Stainless Cookware Collection

Let’s begin this All-Clad vs. Calphalon part by comparing their stainless-steel cookware collection.

All-Clad as three major stainless-steel cookware sets. While they’re fully clad, know that they differ in the materials used for the interior layers and the number of metal layers.

All-Clad D3 is actually the most popular option as it is ideal for the majority of everyday cooking tasks. Both exterior and interior are made from stainless steel, whereas the core is a thick aluminum layer. While the three-layer design is robust, know that it’s easy to move on a regular basis and comfortable.

Aside from the D3, there are other two five-layer options – All-Clad D5 and All-Clad Copper Core. The D5 comes with a stainless-steel core sandwiched between aluminum and a stainless-steel exterior and cooking surface. While the Copper-Core is the same as D5, the stainless-steel core is substituted with a copper layer throughout.

On the other hand, Calphalon has four stainless-steel cookware collections. All of which are fully clad and more affordable than other single-layer options.

The Calphalon Premier is a fully clad tri-ply choice that is modeled after the All-Clad D3. Likewise, it is constructed with a stainless-steel exterior and a cooking surface with an aluminum core.

For those looking for professional-level cookware, the Calphalon Signature can be a great option. This cookware has a five-ply design, and instead of adding a stainless-steel layer in the middle, the company utilizes three layers of aluminum inserted between stainless steel.

When it comes to the three-ply option, it is actually available in more sizes compared to the five-ply line. On top of their fully clad selections, Calphalon also has two more affordable cookware collections – the Select and Classic lines.

Both options are very similar. They come with single-layer stainless steel pans and a pot that has a 3-layer base bound to the bottom. Further, these can be solid options when looking for an entry-level stainless-steel cookware set.

Winner: Calphalon

Without a doubt, Calphalon does a great job outdoing the five and three-layer options of All-Clad. While the finish, fit, and quality of material might not be at a similar level, these cookware pieces are high-performing. By including more affordable options, Calphalon can surely get the attention of various cooks.

All-Clad vs Calphalon: Nonstick Cookware Collection

Aside from stainless steel, All-Clad and Calphalon also have nonstick cookware lines.

All-Clad offers two nonstick cookware lines – the Essentials and HA1. These lines are made of hard-anodized aluminum and utilize a triple-layer Teflon-based coating. The major difference between these options is that the HA1 has a stainless-steel bottom that works with induction cooktops. Besides two nonstick cookware lines, there are also nonstick frying pans in the D5 and D3 lines.

Calphalon, on the other hand, is a bit different in terms of nonstick selections. As a matter of fact, they are carrying seven collections.

Four collections, namely Contemporary, Elite, Premier, and Signature, utilize a triple-layer Teflon-based nonstick coating that is the same as All-Clad. Further, the Simply, Classic, and Select collections are more affordable and come with two-layer nonstick built.

Winner: Calphalon

While there are plenty of options to choose from, Calphalon is indeed the winner for this category. It is because the brand offers cookware solutions for almost all situations.

All-Clad vs Calphalon: Cooking Performance

With All-Clad Essentials let, you can actually cook almost everything. The cookware set can be safely used in the oven. It means you can cook meals on your stovetops and ovens likewise without changing your cookware. In these pans and pots, you surely prepare various healthy meals. What’s more, the food will not stick to the surface.

Calphalon Premier set, on the other hand, will also allow you to prepare a wide variety of meals. You can definitely eat healthily with this Calphalon cookware since it is 100 percent non-toxic. 

Having said that, you’ll never experience a toxic smell, especially if the cookware is overheated, which is common in cheaper brands using a toxic nonstick coating. In addition to that, the cookware set is scratch-free, warp-resistant, as well as releases food with ticking on the surface.

Winner: All-Clad and Calphalon

When it comes to performance, it is actually a tie. The cooking performance is the same between both cookware sets. Also, none of them has an exceptional performance over the other.

All-Clad vs Calphalon: Construction

Cookware sets from All-Clad are built using three-layer nonstick coating and hard anodized, heavy-gauge aluminum. What’s even better is that All-Clad is manufacturing 100 percent of its full clad cookware in America.

Likewise, Calphalon cookware sets are constructed using hard-anodized aluminum as well as three-layer PFOA-free nonstick coating. But while the brand is producing most of its aluminum in Ohio, it is worth mentioning that their stainless-steel items are made in China.

On the other hand, both All-Clad and Calphalon have stainless steel and riveted handles to ensure an easy and comfortable grip. They even have tempered glass covers.

Calphalon also has a famous three-layer stainless cookware line that looks like the All-Clad Bi-Ply oven-safe cookware. Believe it or not, if you don’t check the brand, it would be so hard to determine the differences between the two.

But nevertheless, there are other differences that you will surely notice, especially when you are cooking.

Winner: All-Clad

While both brands have the same construction and even design, we can’t deny the fact that the real winner for this category is All-Clad. The reason why it is considered the winner is that it is made in the US. Remember, Calphalon is producing its aluminum cookware set in America, but the stainless pans and pots are made in China.

All-Clad vs. Calphalon: Warranty

All-Clad and Calphalon both backed their products with a limited lifetime warranty. However, bear in mind that warranty only covers manufacturing damages or defects. Meaning to say it will not cover up things like glass cover shattering because it was heated beyond the recommended heat or accidental drops.

In addition to that, the warranty of Calphalon and All-Clad doesn’t cover the cookware’s nonstick coating. It is because the coating is expected to weaken after quite some time and needs replacements. Also, despite being dishwasher-safe, you can prolong the lifespans of the cookware by hand washing them.

Please note that the warranty of All-Clad will be disregarded when you scratch the cookware pieces using a metal utensil. To be on the safe side, consider using silicon, plastic, or wooden utensils.

Winner: All-Clad and Calphalon

For the warranty, it is another tie too. All-Clad, as well as Calphalon, stand by the products they are producing. What’s more, they refund or replace damaged items easily and without hassle.

All-Clad vs. Calphalon: Versatility and Compatibility

Both brands are compatible with the majority of cooktops such as halogen stoves, ceramic, glass cooktops, electric and gas stoves. But when it comes to induction tops, be sure not to use any of them.

While All-Clad and Calphalon are oven-safe to differing degrees, the latter is compatible with a metal utensil. Meaning to say, you can utilize knives, spatulas, metal forks, and other metal utensils, especially when using the Calphalon Premier cookware set. But after doing research, I recommend utilizing other utensils regardless to make sure that you won’t scratch your new cookware.

When it comes to versatility, both can be great options as they come with almost everything you need to cook. As a matter of fact, you can cook different cuisines and try new dishes by sautéing and frying in these pots and pans.

Winner: Calphalon

For versatility and compatibility, Calphalon gets the spot. While both brands are the same, Calphalon has an additional advantage over the All-Clad set that is that you can use metal utensils.

All-Clad vs. Calphalon: Price

When buying cookware pieces and even other items, considering and comparing the prices of available options is very important to make sure that you are getting the best value for your money.

Keep in mind that when you choose the costliest option, it might go beyond your expectations when it comes to lifespan, durability, sturdiness, and appearance.

The cost is one of the major differences in the All-Clad vs. Calphalon discussion. As we all know, both brands have a good reputation in the industry. But All-Clad is known as the greatest premium brand of cookware for amateur as well as professional chefs. However, this type of reputation comes with a more expensive price tag.

While All-Clad is quite costly, keep in mind that it is worth every penny. Also, you are paying for items made in the US with the highest industry standards in terms of an exceptional cooking experience.

But the difference in cost mostly applies to stainless steel pans and pots sets of Calphalon and All-Clad. Since aluminum is a more affordable material to offer, Calphalon and All-Clad nonstick sets are quite comparable when it comes to the price.

Winner: All-Clad and Calphalon

Both are real winners in terms of this category, it is because the right product will depend on your buying decision. Since All-Clad and Calphalon have the same performance and quality as the aluminum cookware sets, if you’re planning to get a nonstick set, you can opt for Calphalon because you will be able to save money without sacrificing the quality and even performance.

On the other hand, if you want a stainless-steel set, you can never go wrong with All-Clad. The reason for this is that the stainless-steel cookware set by All-Clad is manufactured in the USA. And we cannot deny the fact that it is of excellent quality that really makes it worth the price.

All-Clad vs. Calphalon: Heat Distribution

Because heat is being distributed unevenly, many people are dealing with a common issue while cooking. Food may stick to the bottom of the pans while preparing. And as you cook, both spots and hot may form. With cheap nonstick cookware products, this is actually one of the most common problems that may transpire.

All cookware sets from All-Clad come with an aluminum core extending to the whole body of the cookware. This kind of heat distribution will mean that the pans are spreading heat more evenly. This certain cookware set, the All-Clad Essentials, is no exemption. Having said that, you will not need to worry about any hot spot forming. This also helps prevent portions of the food from getting undercooked and burnt.

Meanwhile, cookware collections from Calphalon sometimes come with an aluminum disc around the bottom. Unfortunately, such a disc may result in uneven heat distribution, contributing to the problems above as you cook. Also, this extreme difference is one of the factors separating All-Clad and Calphalon.

Winner: All-Clad

Because of the reputation of All-Clad cookware for even and great distribution, without a doubt, All-Clad is the winner for this category.

All-Clad vs. Calphalon: Durability and Material

With the materials being used, both brands guarantee durability. The cookware sets from All-Clad use hard-anodized aluminum for the body and base that is coated with a three-layer of nonstick and high-quality.

Calphalon, however, utilizes hard-anodized aluminum for the exterior construction, whereas the interior is coated with a three-layer PFOA-free nonstick coating. As a matter of fact, this kind of nonstick coating is 40 percent more durable compared to other nonstick coatings.

On the other hand, the aluminum material will make these cookware sets warp-free, highly durable, and long-lasting. Thus, when you take care of any of this cookware set, it will definitely last a lifetime.

Winner: All-Clad and Calphalon

All-Clad and Calphalon are popular for manufacturing tough and reliable cookware sets. Having said that, whichever brand you buy, it will last a long time given that you care for it correctly.

All-Clad vs. Calphalon: Cover

Calphalon and All-Clad cookware pieces have glass covers. This will then allow you to check the food you are cooking without removing the lid and allowing any moisture out with ease.

The covers of the Calphalon are quite heavy but constructed to last. What’s more, they perfectly fit, offering tight seals to make sure that no steam will escape. But it is worth mentioning that the handles of the covers are made of metal. Meaning to say they become hot, especially at a very high temperature. In order to avoid accidental burns, make sure to use a cloth or wear a pair of oven mitts when removing the hot covers.

When it comes to All-Clad, their covers are so sturdy and oven-safe up to 350-degree Fahrenheit. One thing that sets All-Clad from Calphalon is that the covers are interchangeable. It means one cover can be used in various pans and pots. Thus, for the entire set, you will only need fewer covers.

Winner: All-Clad

While both come with sturdy glass covers, All-Clad is certainly the winner. It is because the covers are interchangeable and oven-safe.

All-Clad vs. Calphalon: Heat Tolerance

This All-Clad vs. Calphalon comparison will not be completed without talking about the heat tolerance of cookware sets.

Most stainless-steel sets from All-Clad are oven-safe up to 600-degree Fahrenheit, whereas the Calphalon is up to 500-degree Fahrenheit.

When it comes to nonstick cookware, like the Premiere and Essentials sets, All-Clad cookware is the winner, being safe up to 50-degree Fahrenheit higher than Calphalon.

Winner: All-Clad

For this category, it is not questionable while All-Clad gets the spot for this category. This brand is the best option when it comes to cookware that can endure high heat, regardless of the line you choose.


After thorough research, All-Clad and Calphalon offer excellent and quality cookware options. As a matter of fact, it is all up to you which one you should get based on your cooking style, needs, and budget.

The All-Clad is perfect for you if you:

  • Prefer induction-compatible nonstick pans and pots.
  • Want better heat conductivity
  • Want the option to buy all the stainless-steel cookware pieces separately.

If you’ve decided to get the All-Clad cookware, click this link to checkout.

The Calphalon is perfect for you if you:

  • Have a tight budget and want to have a complete cookware set.
  • Want a more selection of nonstick cookware sets
  • Prefer Teflon-free cookware

But if you’ve decided to get the All-Clad cookware, click this link to checkout.

Before making a purchase, make sure to consider all the available options wisely. Also, take good care of your cookware pieces so that they will last a bit longer.

Thank you for reading today’s post. Hopefully, this helps you decide which cookware brand you should get. In case you have extra money, why not get them both? After all, these brands are both known in the kitchen industry.

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