Best Bamboo Steamer of 2023: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Do you want to prepare your favorite foods or meals more healthily?

Then adding the best bamboo steamer to your cookware collection is one of the simplest things you can do to make it happen.

Using a bamboo steamer doesn’t need hours of preparing and cooking time. Rather, you’ll enjoy cooking without using any unhealthy additives such as butter and oil. The cookware is also easy to use. It means you don’t have to be an expert in the kitchen to enjoy delicious and healthy meals.

Have you used a bamboo steamer? If not, and you’re looking for the best option you can use for prepping dumplings, steamed vegetables, fish, and more, this buying guide is for you.

Below, we’ve created a list of the best bamboo steamers that are proven efficient, durable, and of high quality. We can assure you that this list will help you pick the right product for your kitchen.

So, sit back and relax as we unveil the best bamboo steamers in 2023.

Best Bamboo Steamers You Can Add In Your Cookware Collection

  1. Best OverallHcooker Kitchen Bamboo Steamer
  2. Best 2-TierReishunger Bamboo Steamer
  3. Best Starter KitPrime Home Direct 10-Inch Bamboo Steamer
  4. Best BudgetYuho Asian Kitchen Bamboo Steamer
  5. Best MultipurposeA2Z Homebrands 10-inch Bamboo Steamer
  6. Best TraditionalBirdRock Home Bamboo Steamer
  7. Best Eco-FriendlyZoie + Chloe 100% Natural Bamboo Steamer
  8. Best Large CapacityHelen’s Asian Kitchen 97010 Steamer

Best Overall: Hcooker Kitchen Bamboo Steamer

Best Bamboo Steamer of 2021: A Comprehensive Buying Guide 1 #cookymom


  • Spacious
  • Well-constructed and sturdy
  • Good looking
  • It offers steady and evenly steams for the entire-tiers
  • It’s very easy to use


  • It’s quite hard to clean.
  • It’s quite expensive

The Hcooker Bamboo Steamer is the same as other models available on the market. But there’s something about it that makes it a lot better as compared to others.

The majority of bamboo steamers come with two-tier, but the Hcooker is a 3-tier option. Meaning to say, there are three levels that you can use separately where food can be steamed and placed. What’s more, it has a tightly woven bamboo lid in order to hold in the steam.

Design-wise, this best bamboo steamer will offer more space for steaming without requiring you to purchase multiple steamer sets. Also, when you are not cooking a lot of food, you can just use a tier or two easily instead of all three.

It also has stainless-steel bands which is another thing that sets it apart from others. The bands contribute to further durability while helping every tier to fit together impeccably. Other bamboo steamers come with metal rims, but often, they require the user to utilize nails to keep them stable that can pose a danger. That’s because the nails tend to rust when exposed to wet environments.

In addition to the handmade steamer basket, the Hcooker also comes with three reusable cotton liners. Though these are good to get started with, you may prefer using some cabbage leaves or parchment after a couple of use.

Best 2-Tier: Reishunger Bamboo Steamer

Best Bamboo Steamer of 2021: A Comprehensive Buying Guide 2 #cookymom


  • It can be used as a serving dish.
  • A dome-shaped lid
  • Low maintenance
  • Eye-catching design


  • Not dishwasher-safe
  • Not suitable for bigger groups

The Reishunger Bamboo Steamer comes with two tiers allowing you to multiple servings at the same time. For example, while you’re cooking veggies or rice on tier, you can also put dumplings or fish on the other layer.

The bamboo steamer comes with a dome-shaped lid that’s constructed using an extremely tight weave to guarantee perfect cooking. It also has two reusable and breathable cotton cloths that you can use as liners.

On the other hand, the Reishunger Bamboo Steamer isn’t only perfect for cooking your favorite healthy foods. Actually, you can also use it for serving. Reduce the need to transfer your foods to serving dishes and place this eye-catching bamboo steamer on your dinner table.

Besides having an eye-catching look, it is also affordable as well as low-maintenance. You can easily clean it with hot water and dish soap, but remember it isn’t dishwasher-safe.

Best Starter Kit: Prime Home Direct 10-Inch Bamboo Steamer

Best Bamboo Steamer of 2021: A Comprehensive Buying Guide 3 #cookymom


  • Well-built
  • It comes with extras like liners and chopsticks
  • It’s easy for beginners
  • Made of 100% organic bamboo
  • Lightweight


  • The large size may not fit in the kitchen pan.

If you’re a novice and want to master steaming, then the Prime Home Bamboo Steamer is perfect for you.

The bamboo steamer is made of 100% organic bamboo. Aside from a 10-inch basket, it also comes with 50 reusable paper lines, two sets of chopsticks, and one ceramic sauce dish. It’s also non-sticky and ideal for steaming veggies, fish, and meat. You can also use it as a dumpling steamer and Japanese rice cooker for dim sum and sushi.

Unlike the traditional steamer, this 2-tier model will give you more cooking options. For instance, you can reheat or cook two servings simultaneously. Every tier has a cooking space of 10-inch with 3-inch deep that offers more room for veggies and buns. Additionally, this best bamboo steamer fits most pots.

The steamer features water-resistant walls and a dome-shaped lid that prevents water condensation from accumulating. The sturdy design will allow the distribution of heat in every place that may result in 100% evenly cooked food.

Best Budget: Yuho Asian Kitchen Bamboo Steamer

Best Bamboo Steamer of 2021: A Comprehensive Buying Guide 4 #cookymom


  • Affordable
  • Made of 100% bamboo
  • Easy to clean
  • It doesn’t contain wire, plastic, or metal
  • It comes with a storage box that’s made from recycled materials.


  • Small in size, thus it can’t be used for cooking for a large group.

The Yuho Kitchen Basket Steamer is a two-tier option that’s made of 100% bamboo. It doesn’t also contain wire, plastic, or metal. This best bamboo steamer includes ten parchment liners and a storage box to protect the bamboo from debris, dirt, and dust.

Further, the liners that come with this model can be used for all kinds of food and prevent the food from sticking to the steamer’s surface and between the slats that can make the cleaning process more difficult. On the other hand, the liners prevent the bamboo steamer from absorbing any unwanted smells like fish.

However, the Yuho steamer is quite on the small side. Usually, most bamboo steamers come in a 10-inch diameter, but this one is only 6-inch. But this is not a big deal, especially if you’re only looking for a small bamboo steamer that can prepare food for 2-3 persons.

Nevertheless, this best bamboo steamer works exactly the way Yuho claims it does, which is to quickly and easily steam vegetables, rice, and fish to perfection in just a short time.

Best Multipurpose: A2Z Homebrands 10-inch Bamboo Steamer

Best Bamboo Steamer of 2021: A Comprehensive Buying Guide 5 #cookymom


  • Versatile
  • Innovative Design
  • Water-resistant walls
  • It comes with a 10-inch steamer and 4-inch steamer
  • Quality lid.


  • Not dishwasher safe

The A2Z Home Brands Bamboo steamer is built from 100% sustainably sourced bamboo. The product comes with a 4-inch steamer (three-tier and lid) as well as a 10-inch steamer (two-tier and lid). Additionally, it comes with chopsticks, paper liners, and a ceramic sauce dish which makes it a great bundle.

On the other hand, this best bamboo steamer sports an innovative design. This multipurpose product comes with a cutting-edge censured base in contrast with the weak tied-up twine design. Additionally, the water-resistant walls of the bamboo steamer and the dome-shaped lid do not let condensation accumulate, resulting in an even distribution of heat.

It absorbs excess moisture naturally, preventing your food from overcooking. This makes that the food being prepared will retain delicious flavor, nutrition, and shape.

We considered it the most versatile option because you can use the four-inch steamer for an individual snack-sized serving and the ten-inch steamer for bigger servings.

Best Traditional: BirdRock Home Bamboo Steamer

Best Bamboo Steamer of 2021: A Comprehensive Buying Guide 6 #cookymom


  • It can cook a wide variety of dishes.
  • Made from 100% bamboo
  • Works with any type of woks, pots, and pans
  • Sturdy


  • It is hard to clean.

The BirdRock Home Bamboo Steamer will allow you to prepare your traditional Asian dishes. In fact, you can even utilize it for a wide variety of main courses and side dishes.

With this best bamboo steamer, you can prepare delicious foods while retaining more nutrients. Also, when steaming, you don’t need to use vegetable oils, canola, and other unhealthy fats.

Another great thing about this bamboo steamer is that it works for most kinds of woks, pans, and pats. When it comes to the baskets, they’re made of 100% high-quality bamboo.

The BirdRock Home Bamboo Steamer also sports the famous 2-tier design that allows you to cook two dishes simultaneously. Lastly, the baskets are in 10-inch diameter and 2.4-inch deep.

Best Eco-Friendly: Zoie + Chloe 100% Natural Bamboo Steamer

Best Bamboo Steamer of 2021: A Comprehensive Buying Guide 7 #cookymom


  • It is made from eco-friendly materials
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • It doesn’t contain plastic or metal
  • It comes with reusable cotton liners


  • The baskets aren’t deep.
  • Washing the liners may take some time
  • Food options are restricted to the capacity

If you’re a huge fan of eco-friendly items, then you will definitely like the Zoie + Chloe Natural Bamboo Steamer. This best steamer is made from 100 percent natural bamboo that’s designed to be tough without the presence of a metal wire.

The model also comes with reusable cotton liners. Actually, aside from being the best-eco-friendly steamer, it’s the best model with liners. Besides being eco-friendly, the liners are also durable and won’t stick to food in the steamer. The liners are also dishwasher-safe, which makes the cleanup process a lot easier. In case the bamboo steamer needs cleaning, know that it’s dishwasher-safe too.

Despite the fact that the baskets are not as deep as other models in the list, it is still worth your attention since it comes with two tiers. Meaning to say, you can still prepare several foods at the same time. One more thing, its lid fits snugly, allowing you to cook more rapidly.

Best Large Capacity: Helen’s Asian Kitchen 97010 Steamer

Best Bamboo Steamer of 2021: A Comprehensive Buying Guide 8 #cookymom


  • Sports an authentic and elegant look
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Large capacity
  • It helps retain food
  • It doesn’t contain metals


  • The rings are not durable.
  • The bamboo becomes unwoven after time, especially when you clean it in the dishwasher.

If you have a big family and you need to steam a large amount of food, the Helen’s Asian Kitchen 97010 Bamboo Steamer will save your day.

With its authentic and elegant design, this best bamboo steamer well as serve as your dining table. But it’s also useful and helps you prepare delicious dishes.

One great feature of this model is that it helps the foods retain their heat. Meaning they don’t need to be consumed right away. Thus, when you’re hosting a party or family dinner, you can prepare the dishes ahead of time and be free to talk and bond with your loved ones.

The Helen’s Asian Kitchen 97010 Bamboo Steamer is also made from 100 percent natural bamboo. Though it only comes in two-tier, this cookware can offer you enough room to make one or multiple servings thanks to its 12-inch diameter baskets.

What’s The Difference Between A Bamboo Steamer and A Metal Steamer?

Aside from the obvious fact that a bamboo steamer is made of wood and one from metal, there are some differences between these two steamers.

Since it is capable of retaining steam better, metal steamers usually cook more rapidly compared to their bamboo counterparts. Also, metal steamers tend to last a bit longer and are more convenient to use since they are dishwasher safe, though some bamboo steamers can also be cleaned using a dishwasher safely.

Nevertheless, because bamboo steamers steam more slowly, they are not prone to overcooking. In fact, they are also more environmentally friendly compared to metal. One more thing, many people believe that this material conveys less of a hint to foods than metal. And a lot of people love how bamboo steamers look.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Bamboo Steamer

Some people think they don’t need to be meticulous when choosing the best bamboo steamer, considering they almost look the same. But if you want to get the most out of your money, you need to be cautious when buying a bamboo steamer.

Keep in mind that not all steamers available in your favorite kitchen stores have the same quality. To help you, we’ve listed below some of the important factors you need to consider when looking for the best bamboo steamer.

1. Material

Obviously, bamboo steamers are constructed using bamboo but know that not all bamboo is the same. Having said that, it is crucial that you opt for a high-quality bamboo steamer made of 100% natural bamboo. This ensures that your steamer will not carry unwanted smells and interact with your foods, like blended or synthetic bamboo might.

When shopping for the best bamboo steamer, it is important to opt for a product that is made with a BPA-free material. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a synthetic (organic) compound utilized to make various products. But this material exhibits a hormone-like property mimicking estrogen. Thus, it could possibly cause health problems like heart attacks, heart disease, infertility, asthma, and even cancer.

Bamboo steamers with metals should also be avoided because the metal may get too hot, which may cause burns.

2. Lid

Aside from the material, you should also take into account the lid of the steamer. It must be handwoven tightly so that it will snugly fit on the body of the steamer. If the lid is tight, you can prevent steam from leaving while locking moisture inside. This also helps the food to cook faster.

The majority of lids sport a domed-shaped. Some bamboo steamers also have a ring attached to the lid to allow its user to lift the food easily after cooking. It also helps in preventing burns. If the bamboo steamer you’re considering has a handle, you need to ensure that it’s attached to the lid firmly.

3. Size

To determine the right size of a bamboo steamer, you will need to identify how many people you’re going to feed. For one to two persons, a two-tiered bamboo steamer with a 10″ diameter is enough. But if you’re cooking for more than four persons, you need to opt for a bigger multitiered bamboo steamer that has a 12″ diameter.

Having several tiers not only gives more space to cook more food but will also allow you to steam different types of foods on every tier. In that way, you will be able to prepare several dishes simultaneously.

4. Design

While most bamboo steamers on the market look similar, there’s some variety in basketweave and bamboo shade. But often, there are variations in the design from one model to another that have to do with functionality.

Some bamboo steamers come with more than two tiers to hold more amount of food. On the other hand, others are stackable that will allow you to adjust how many tiers you need depending on the number of servings you are prepping.

Remember, the best bamboo steamer is the one that has adequate space between the slats at the bottom of every tier to let the steam pass through to ensure the food on every tier is evenly cooked.

Additionally, look for a bamboo steamer that’s held together using nails or bamboo wicks in contrast to copper wires or stainless steel that heat up while using the cookware.

5. Additional Accessories

Some steamers on the market come with additional accessories for dining and cooking. Some of the common accessories available are sauce dishes, chopsticks and chopstick holders, and paddles. Some models come with a recipe book that can help you get started with making some tasty meals and bamboo steamer recipes.

There are also bamboo steamers with liners in order to prevent the food from sticking to the bottom. They will also keep food smells from oozing into the bamboo. Usually, liners are made of wax paper, parchment paper, or silicone. Other steamers come with a grass steamer mat that sits down at the bottom of the cookware. Some even have lunch or bento boxes.

6. Number of Tiers

Keep in mind that the more tiers the steamer has, the more food can be prepared simultaneously. So, if you’re preparing for large groups of people, make sure to opt for one with three or more tiers with a wide diameter. This will allow you to prepare more food in a short period

7. Cost

One of the best things about a bamboo steamer is that it is quite affordable. You can find models in different price brackets, usually ranging from $11 to $45. A higher-priced bamboo steamer comes equipped with more features and tiers, whereas a lower-priced option has a very basic feature with a single-tier design.

So, before you make a purchase, make sure to determine how much you’re willing to spend. But as a general rule of thumb, it’s best to spend a little more on a high-quality and durable product.

Using A Bamboo Steamer

Best Bamboo Steamer of 2021: A Comprehensive Buying Guide 9 #cookymom

With a bamboo steamer, you don’t actually need a lot. Having something to line it with as well as cookware that is big enough to accommodate the steamer is enough. Any deep or wide pot or pan will do, but if you have a wok, that’s the best thing you can use because the curve of its bowl can hug the bamboo steamer and keep the base from soaking, as is more likely in a pan or pot because of the prolonged direct contact of the bottom with it. 

When it comes to linings, you can shop for specially made perforated liners that are cut to typical sizes of bamboo steamers. But most bamboos steamers on the market come with free liners.

Tips When Cooking In A Bamboo Steamer

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Cook Meat In The Lowest Tier

Foods that may take longer to cook, like meat, should be placed in the bottom steamer basket to be closer to the heat and cook faster.

Try Different Flavors

Rather than using a parchment or wax paper liner, consider lining the steamer baskets with corn husks or banana leaves. Also, do not assume that you can only use water when steaming. In fact, you can also use vegetable or chicken broth, beer, dashi, or sake.

Always Monitor The Level Of Water When Cooking

Remember, allowing the water to boil away will damage not only the bamboos steamer but also the wok or pot it is sitting in.

One easy trick you can follow is to place a coin in the pot. The coin will make a sound as it dances around in the boiling water. So, once the sound stops, it means that the water has boiled away.

How Clean And Maintain A Bamboo Steamer?

Best Bamboo Steamer of 2021: A Comprehensive Buying Guide 11 #cookymom

While the everyday cleaning of bamboo steamers is quite easy, it is important that you take some time to clean yours when you first receive it carefully.

For the very first cleaning, make sure to wash the steamer with soapy and hot water thoroughly. Rinse and then soak it in hot water for one hour. Remover the cookware from the water and allow it to dry. Then steam the steamer (empty) for thirty minutes in your pot or wok. Once done, allow it to dry before keeping it. When you do this, you can ensure that your bamboo steamer is well-sanitized and ready to be used for cooking your food.

For everyday cleaning, rinse it under warm water and allow it to dry. If your bamboo steamer requires more cleaning than a quick rinse, you can wipe it down with a damp cloth. You can also make use of a little soapy water if wiping doesn’t work.

Also, though some bamboo steamers can be cleaned in the dishwasher, it’s best to do the manual method. This is to ensure that your steamer will not get easily damaged. After all, it’s made of bamboo.

Last but not least, carefully read the care instructions that come with your steamer. It’s because no two bamboo steamers are completely the same, and you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Based on our review article, we have found out that Hcooker Bamboo Steamer is the best overall. Aside from having a sturdy built and good-looking design, this model comes with three tiers and has a wide diameter allowing you to cook several foods at the same time.

The Yuho Bamboo steamer, on the other hand, is a great buy if you’re on a budget who is looking for a healthier way to prepare your favorite dishes.

But if you’re only preparing for 2-3 persons and don’t want to deal with a bulky steamer, you can invest in Reishunger Bamboo Steamer. Despite being small in size, it can help you serve multiple foods simultaneously with ease.

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