Best Pizza Peel Reviews 2023


Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack, movie marathon snack, just-bored snack, or what-should-I-eat snack, pizza will always come to mind.

I mean, what isn’t there to love about pizza, anyway?

The crust, cheese, and a variety of toppings! Seriously, I’m craving it right now!

Even creating a pizza is fun and exciting!

You get to put your favorite ingredients, watch as it slowly cooks and wrap your kitchen with its stomach-growling, heavenly smell!

However, making the perfect pizza usually takes a lot of practice and the right equipment. And the greatest challenge of all is transferring your pizza from the table to the oven and vice versa. And without the right kitchen tool, it all too often results in precious pizza on the floor.

Whether you love yours with a thick doughy crust or a thin and crispy base (like I always love), overcoming the hazardous moment of moving pizza in and out of the oven is quick and easy with the best pizza peel at your disposal.

The Top Most Recommended Pizza Peel 2023

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1. KITCHEN SUPPLY Aluminum Pizza Peel

KITCHEN SUPPLY Aluminum Pizza Peel

What We Like

  • Long handle for safety
  • High resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver and handle 
  • Great for home use

What We Don’t Like

  • Sharp edges of the head
  • Pizza dough will stick when not sprinkled with flour or cornmeal

All the time, we want an effective kitchen tool that does not hurt our wallets. But here comes a common notion that cheap products are no good at all. However, with the KITCHEN SUPPLY Pizza Peel, you are guaranteed a decent performance at a low price.

This Aluminum Pizza Peel features a smooth and flat aluminum head with rounded corners for easy sliding in and out of your oven or another form of the furnace. Its surface’s evenness allows you to transfer thin pizza and other pastries with ease. It has a long handle made of fully furnished hardwood, making it gentle, comfortable, and smooth in your hands.

The aluminum head has a food-safe construction, so it does not produce any chemical reactions which can alter the pizza’s odor or taste. It is not bothered by extremely high temperatures, and cleaning is never a problem. Also, it has a non-stick surface, so the problem of a sticky residue is removed.



What We Like

  • Large pizza peel
  • Made from Birchwood for durability
  • The handle has perfect length of kitchen stove oven
  • Tapered edges for easy sliding

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavy
  • Thick
  • Warps over time

With an 18 x 27 x 1 inch dimension, this great wooden pizza peel from NEW STAR FOODSERVICE can help you make enough pizza for everybody. It is made from natural Birchwood, which provides high quality and durability.

Pizzas are not the only food it can lift, but it is also great for lifting other baked goods such as muffin pans, cupcakes, bread, and cakes in and out of the oven without burning your hands from the extreme heat.

This wooden pizza peel features tapered edges with half an inch blade edge specifically designed for easy sliding of pizza in mind. It has a rounded-shaped head suitable for professional use. Lastly, it is very easy to clean through hand-wash only.

3. HERITAGE Wood Pizza Peel

HERITAGE Wood Pizza Peel

What We Like

  • Tapered edges
  • Made from Acacia Wood for durability
  • Eye-catching
  • Comfortable handle
  • Right size

What We Don’t Like

  • Possibility of warping without proper maintenance
  • Heavy
  • Its smooth finish can be slippery

This Acacia wood pizza peel from HERITAGE is timeless! It has a simple design, beautiful colors that look good enough to hang on your kitchen wall. Even its patina is eye-catching, thanks to the mineral oil finishing used for the wood. The wood itself is extremely durable and appealing for added aesthetics.

However, it is not only a “pretty thing,” but its function and efficiency are also great. This wood pizza peel lets you slide bread and pizza in and out of the oven with ease with tapered edges.  It has a comfortable handle that fits your hands perfectly.

This wood pizza peel is neither too large nor too small. Rather it has the right size and is wide enough to fit all pizzas you want to make. It is thin enough to slide under the pizza and other baked goods easily but thick enough not to warp. Made only from the highest quality of wood, this pizza peel is ensured to last a lifetime!

4. PIZZACRAFT Folding Pizza Peel + Stone Brush

PIZZACRAFT Folding Pizza Peel + Stone Brush

What We Like

  • Handy stone brush
  • Comfortable wood handles for easier grip
  • Heat resistant
  • Foldable design for portability

What We Don’t Like

  • Handles are not sturdy and keep falling for some products
  • Brush is flammable

This product from PIZZACRAFT does both pizza stone brush and pizza peel by combining both features into one foldable design. Its foldable design allows you to carry it anywhere easier.

Its handle is made from wood, while the other end, the brush holder and pizza peel, is made of metal. The pizza peel’s head is made of aluminum metal with folding rubber handles, and the stone brush head is made of stainless steel and natural fiber bristles from the Palmyra stalk.

It features a unique design for safer and improved cooking. It has a 10 inches Angled Hardwood handle for a safe distance from the heat and is positioned at a 15° angle. It also features a back lip to prevent slippage of pizza ingredients. Lastly, it does not require special maintenance. Just warm water and soap, and it’s clean again!

5. LOVE THIS KITCHEN Aluminum Pizza Peel

LOVE THIS KITCHEN Aluminum Pizza Peel

What We Like

  • Non-stick ceramic coating
  • 10-inches angled handles
  • Back lip to prevent side slippage of ingredients
  • Does not require special maintenance
  • Made of food-grade stainless steel
  • Comes with an eBook for tips and tricks

What We Don’t Like

  • Too wide for small ovens

This Aluminum Pizza Peel from LOVE THIS KITCHEN features advanced designs for both beginners and experienced! Stop worrying about sticky dough and the need to sprinkle excess flour or falling ingredients to the sides with this 14 inches non-stick ceramic coating pizza peel.

Unlike pure wood, which requires high maintenance and other metal pizza peels that change the smell or taste of your food, this aluminum pizza peel has an inert nano-ceramic coating which is FDA Food Safe Tested with no PBAs or Teflon to ensure safety.

It features a unique design for safer and improved cooking. It has a 10 inches Angled Hardwood handle for a safe distance from the heat and is positioned at a 15° angle. It also features a back lip to prevent slippage of pizza ingredients. Lastly, it does not require special maintenance. Just warm water and soap, and it’s clean again!

The Winner

And now it’s time to announce the winner! The Best Pizza Peel among the five is The KITCHEN SUPPLY Aluminum Pizza Peel!

Never mind that this pizza peel is cheap. It will ensure you only the best performance! With even surface and food-safe construction, you can transfer pizza in and out of the oven with ease and be sure that there is no chemical reaction that will affect the quality of your pizza. Also, its long handle keeps your hands away from heat.

What is a Pizza Peel?

Pizza peels are flat and wide shovel that helps you transfer the pizza from the countertop to the hot grill or oven. It is a great tool that helps you achieve that nice crisp and well-charred base on a pizza.

What is a Pizza Peel?

10 Useful Benefits of Pizza Peel

Excluding that pizza peel makes your pizza-making experience much easier, here are 10 added significant benefits of having a pizza peel available in your kitchen.

1. No Accidental Drops, Spills and Other Mess

For someone who took a lot of creativity and effort to create pizza, the last thing you want is to let it slip into the oven where hardly-diced ingredients do not follow the bread on its way in or, worse, fall straight onto the floor!

NO! You cannot do that to a pizza! It’s a sin!

Pizza peels are specifically designed to prevent such situations from happenings and to save precious pizzas. It also means less mess to clean.

2. Hand Protection from Extreme Heat of the Oven

No gloves are needed. With a pizza peel, your hands are surely protected from getting burned due to extreme heat inside a typical oven or from the hot, freshly-cooked food inside.

3. Pizza Transferring from One Surface to Another

When making pizza, the main problem is how to transfer delicately, soft pre-cooked pizza to the hot oven without ruining its perfect figure. The same goes for quickly removing the pizza from the hot oven and moving it to the serving plate to enjoy the crust’s crispiness.

Pizza peels make this job a million times easier than another kitchen tool, making things messy and ruining pizza perfection, especially for those thin, tender pizza bread.

4. Easy Maneuvering in Large Stoves

Let’s say you are making pizza for a party. With a large stove, it can be quite easy to bake multiple pizzas at once. However, large stoves come with larger space which, without the best pizza peel, gives you a hard time putting pizza in the farthest corner of the oven. Pizza peels allow you to maneuver or move pizza closer to each other to save space in the oven.

5. Pizza Peels are Low to No Maintenance

Pizza peels are low-maintenance kitchen tools, unlike other tools needed for pizza-making, such as pizza ovens or stones. Therefore, getting your pizza peel will not make your life harder by taking regular attention from you to stay alright.

6. Lessen the Amount of Hand-Handling Pizza

As you already know, human hands are not perfect for holding thin pizza and anything for that matter. Hands can tremble, things can slip through it, and they will certainly ruin the perfectly garnish of pizza if touched multiple times.

The best pizza peel solves such a problem by taking over this job from your bare hands.

7. Make Pizza on a Long or Large Peel

If you choose to get a pizza peel that is large or long enough for the pizza you create, it benefits you from preparing your pizza on the peel itself and avoiding more tools to clean later.

8. A Wooden Pizza Peel’s Thermal Insulation Helps

Did you ever try using cooking pans as an intermediary between the oven and your pizza?

Then you probably know what I am talking about.

Wooden pizza peels were specifically designed to not let uncooked pizza stick easily to the surface.

9. Extreme Heat Does Not Bother Pizza Peels

Some pizza stones and ovens can get really, REALLY hot! And traditional cooking tools do not have what it takes to carry uncooked pizza on top of the stop or inside the oven.

Pizza peels, however, are built specifically for this purpose. It does not matter how hot the top of stones or the inside of the oven is. Pizza peels don’t suffer from the same problems as most standard stainless steel kitchen tools.

10. Pizza Peels Does Not Cost Much

Yes, they don’t! The best pizza peels are very affordable for all their great advantages. For most people, it is a no-brainer to buy such a cheap tool that is quite effective.

The Different Types of Pizza Peel

1. Metal Pizza Peel

An aluminum pizza peel is the most common type of metal pizza peel. Such peels usually have a wood handle since metal conducts heat. With wood handles, your hands are protected from scalding.

best metal pizza peel

With a metal surface, however, the dough tends to stick around. To avoid this, you might need to sprinkle flour or cornmeal in the peel, and sliding onto and off the metal peel will be easier.

2. Composite Wood Pizza Peel

This type of pizza peel is thick but is far more stable than other types of pizza peel. A composite wood pizza peel is engineered wood, a mixture of straw, plastic, and wood.

Composite Wood Pizza Peels

Is it safe for kitchen use?

Well, most composite wood pizza peels are FDA and NSF-approved for food contact. In any case, make sure to check any approval first before buying.

3. Wood Pizza Peel

Best Pizza Peel Reviews 2021 1 #cookymom

A wood pizza peel’s aesthetic speaks of traditional feeling and evokes a homey feeling. However, such pizza peels tend to warp over time if not properly cared for and maintained. Due to the wood’s natural characteristics, these peels have higher maintenance than other types of pizza peels. If left out after use or not carefully washed, the wood material might be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Proper Use of Pizza Peel

There are three known methods to use a pizza peel at home. Professionals commonly use the most popular one. They create a pizza on a hard, cool counter, typically granite or marble, then slide a metal pizza peel underneath the pizza and transfer it to the oven.

The second one is for people that have a large pizza peel with long handles. They can build the pizza on the peel itself and transfer it to the oven. This reduces the amount of hand-holding a pizza and avoids ruining its delicate appearance. However, the peel’s long handles can be quite inconvenient to store or move around the kitchen.

The last one is quite simple and easy for most non-professional and beginners. You create a pizza in a short wood pizza peel and slide it on metal, placing peel to transfer inside the oven.

Whatever method you choose, you need to make sure that the pizza you are making is smaller than your pizza peel to avoid sagging over the edges. Also, make sure to dust in a few flour or cornmeal on your pizza peel to prevent the pizza dough from sticking.

Here is a sample video on how to properly use a pizza peel

Things to Consider in Choosing the Best Pizza Peel

At this point, I know you are quite excited to buy your pizza peel now. But before that, here are some things you need to consider in choosing the best pizza peel available on the market today.

Things to Consider in Choosing the Best Pizza Peel

1. Material

The first thing you need to consider is what type of pizza steel you would want.

Wood pizza peels are a beautiful addition to your kitchen aesthetics and by far the most non-sticky type. However, that does not mean that they are the best among the three types. Wood isn’t just the best option when talking about extreme heat.

And that is where a metal peel steals the spotlight. This type of peel is more resistant to heat than wood. However, it loses to wood when it comes to stickiness. Metal pizza peels often require you to sprinkle a bit of flour or cornmeal to its surface before putting the pizza.

Lastly, you can choose mixed pizza peels; however, they are not popular with the other two types. This is because composite pizza peels are just too thick, making sliding underneath a pizza a challenging task, and they cannot reach the extreme corners of large ovens.

2. Shape

The head of a pizza peel can either be square or round.

Square-headed pizza peels are advisable for non-professional home cooks with a small grill or oven. Square shapes don’t just work well in the large oven since their shape makes it hard to maneuver the side due to the insertion angle. Inserting and retrieving pizza will be much easier since you will only have to work with the pizza head-on.

If you are professional or just quite confident in your skills, you might want a rounded-head pizza peel. Because large ovens have a small doorway, round-shaped pizza peels are easier to insert and maneuver.

3. Handle

The handle is an extremely important thing you need to consider when looking for the best pizza peel. This is because the handle is your connection to the head of the pizza peel that is holding your pizza.

You need to choose pizza peels with wooden or rubber handles because such materials do not conduct heat. Moreover, you need to ensure that the pizza peel you choose is comfortable, non-slip, and easy-grip for prolonged use without restraining your hands. 

4. Weight and Size

Buying a small pizza peel limits your creativity. You may not be able to create family-sized pizza with it. Choosing a very large pizza peel, on the other hand, can be a problem when it comes to storing. Also, it might not even fit your oven at all. So when choosing a pizza peel’s size, make sure to consider your oven’s size and how large or small you want your pizza.

Also, you might want to choose a pizza peel that is not heavy for you to use for longer periods without adding a lot of stress to your hands.

5. Convenience

Most pizza peel offers ease of use. However, I know you want more convenience than that. If so, look for these features: heat-proof handle, handle opening, and conveyor belt design.

Some of the best pizza peels are made of a heat-proof handle for the extra safety of your hands. A handle opening allows you to hand the pizza peel for handy storage. Meanwhile, a conveyor’s belt helps prevent the tearing of pizza before placing it inside the oven.

Shaping it Up

I hope that this article helps shed some light on pizza peels.

When you want to create your very own pizza at home, you must have all the necessary tools. Pizza peels are not only helpful when it comes to inserting and retrieving pizza from the oven, but it also offers you safety.

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