Best Potato Masher Review 2023


Potatoes are great siding for almost any main dish, but my favorite?

Mashed potatoes with lots, lots, and LOTS of gravy! I can’t get enough of its creamy, soft texture partnered with overflowing gravy! It’s heaven!

But, let’s be honest for a minute here. Mashing potatoes takes time and strength. Lots of strength, specifically arm strength. It can be tiring, especially if you do not have the right kitchen tool.

You probably have seen a shiny steel tool with long handles and a large mashing head somewhere in some TV Food shows?

That tool has a name—a potato masher. From pounding, pureeing to smoothly mashing potatoes, you can expect that the best potato masher will deliver a great job.

The Best Potato Masher for Your Mashing Needs

Now, after careful considerations, here are the top 5 best potato mashers that I highly recommend for you:

#1: Stainless Steel Potato Masher by OXO

Stainless Steel Potato Masher by OXO

What We Like

  • Firm and light for effective use
  • Great handle with classic design
  • Large in-handle for easy storage
  • Multiple uses
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Strong wirehead

What We Don’t Like

  • The handle is made of plastic
  • Waves are thick that makes the potatoes to slip off sometimes.
  • The top inch of the handle flexes.

When it comes to comfort and efficiency, this Potato Masher from OXO wins! With 9.6 inches of the smooth and cushioned handle, you will feel comfortable and at ease while mashing your potatoes. Moreover, its wire head is not a disappointment. With enough holes, it mashes potatoes and creates a creamy and soft texture you will surely love!

This potato masher is not only for potatoes. It has the versatility you need and can mash carrots, yams, other root vegetables, and even prepare your baby’s healthy foods. It is strong enough to handle the different mashing tasks you need.

The handle’s length is good enough for efficient storage. Also, it is dishwasher safe. Weighing only 1 pound, this potato masher is lighter than others, giving you more efficiency and ease when mashing foods.

#2: Stainless Steel Potato Masher by KUKPO

Stainless Steel Potato Masher by KUKPO

What We Like

  • Durable, firm and good quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Very easy to use
  • Innovative design
  • Perfectly fits the side of the pan
  • Easy to store

What We Don’t Like

  • Sharp masher that can scratch pan
  • It bends
  • Not long enough to mash ingredients in deeper pots

The Potato Masher from KUKPO is the most affordable choice you can have. Made from stainless steel, this potato masher has a highly innovative style and design. With its horizontal handles, you are assured that the whole mashing process will be very easy. It is effortless to apply pressure when mashing.

With a wide mashing plate, KUKPO’s Potato masher will ensure that no frisky vegetable will slip. Also, because of its oval-shaped plate, you can be sure that no potato will be left out. It is made of high-quality materials, and it is also dishwasher safe.

Its rubberized handle ensures a firm grip and is long-lasting. This potato masher does not take up too much storage space and weighs about 7.2 ounces.

#3: Stainless Steel Potato Masher by ZYLISS

Stainless Steel Potato Masher by ZYLISS

What We Like

  • Masher gets in rounded areas nicely
  • Comes with hanging hook for easy storing
  • It has an integrated silicone bowl scraper
  • Easy to use
  • Features a great soft handle with grip marks
  • Dishwasher safe

What We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for mashing in a deep pot
  • Does not fit a standard drawer

ZYLISS Potato Masher is one of the most beautifully designed mashers so far. I especially loved the design of its mashing head. It features an inner and outer hole for fast and lump-less mashing you will love.

Its head and shank are made of stainless steel hooked up and come with a very soft to touch 13 inches vertical handle and grip secured locations along with it. It also features an integrated silicone bowl scraper that helps remove anything that sticks in your bowl for less waste.

Also, it is very easy to store with an integrated hanging hook in the masher’s handle. It weighs around 9.28 ounces and is dishwasher safe, so it is very easy to clean. Lastly, for a budget-conscious person, this masher will be your top pick.

#4: Nylon Potato Masher by OXO

Nylon Potato Masher by OXO

What We Like

  • Features an ergonomic handle
  • Shows off a beautiful design
  • Good spacing of masher head

What We Don’t Like

  • Too big to fit in standard kitchen cabinets
  • Too soft and bends easily
  • Hard to use

This Nylon Potato Masher from OXO Good Grips is constructed from heat-resistant and sturdy nylon for mashing food while cooking without the fear of burning your hand in the process.

It has a mashing head that is vertically lined with short spaces in between. Also, it has a rubberized flexible and non-slip handle made from the same material as dishwasher gaskets. It can withstand a temperature of up to 400° Fahrenheit.

The OXO Good Grips Nylon Potato Masher will look beautiful on your kitchenware collections and efficiently mash foods with beautiful design and style.

#5: Stainless Steel Potato Masher by Spring Chef

Stainless Steel Potato Masher by Spring Chef

What We Like

  • Low price
  • Offers the best consistent texture
  • Long handle well for mashing hot ingredients
  • Also great for vegetables and fruits
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Comes with swivel bonus peeler for peeling fruits

What We Don’t Like

  • Handle bends when heavily pressed

In terms of material quality, the Potato Masher from Spring Chef is the clear winner. Made from stainless steel in such a way that its peeler blade will less likely rust. Its 12 inches handle is versatile for reducing pressure and with a hanging loop for easy storage. Also, its peeling blade makes this tool very quick and effective.

This masher is great for mashing hot steamy potatoes and other food without getting your hands burned. Its handle has a good length for you to have an effective and safe mashing process.

Moreover, its handle is very easy and comfortable to hold, which has an enhanced grip part that offers less force while mashing. This can give you a consistent texture and create a fluffy and smooth potato. Lastly, this masher is multipurpose, which you can use to mash squash, boiled eggs, cauliflowers, broccoli, and other steamed vegetables.

The verdict

After thorough investigations, the best potato masher for me is the… Stainless Steel Potato Masher by KUKPO!

I especially loved the innovative horizontal handle for easier mashing. This is helpful for those who have weak hands or those with arthritis. Also, its perforated head is made of stainless steel featuring large and effective holes that give you pureed and smooth consistency and texture.

One more thing is its moderately long handle which is great for holding ingredients firmly as it is used. Not only that, but it also has a rubber cover for grip enhancement. And among the five potato mashers, I have reviewed, this potato masher from KUKPO is the cheapest of them all!

What Is A Potato Masher?

Potato mashers are commonly used kitchen tools used in pureeing and mashing already cooked food giving it a fluffy and smooth texture. It is called a potato masher because the original soft stone and wood versions were used to mash potatoes. However, the potato mashers of today can prepare other cooked foods that need mushing.

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 Best Potato Masher

From pureeing baby foods, mashing cooked potatoes or boiled eggs for salads to crushing broccoli for salad dressings or spreading and breaking ground meat for an even cook, potato mashers are a must-have in any kitchen since you will always need it for something.

A Brief History of Potato Masher

Potato mashers are tools that have been here for more than 150 years. It is said to have been invented by Lee Copeman. The first potato masher was supposed to be a smooth stone or rock, then a hand-shaped made from wood.

During the machine age, the wood masher evolved into a machine or hand-turned wooden mallet. In the mid-1800s, emerged two masher designs which are what we typically see today.

Types of Potato Masher

Today’s potato mashers have two designs. Both have long steel handles and only differ in mashing heads.

1. Round Masher

Round mashers have this circular disc with silts or holes. It is quite effective for mashing potatoes, but it tends to over-smash ingredients.

2. Branding Iron Masher

Branding iron mashers have this zigzag round gauge wire that is flat at the bottom. It is the most popular and most commonly used masher today. This mashing head design is preferred by those who want chunky and not over smashed foods since it has spaces between the S winds that provide enough room and prevents over smashing.

Why Should You Get A Potato Masher?

Best Potato Masher

While most people say that potato mashers are not a necessary kitchen tool since you can mash a potato using a fork and a filter, many benefits come with having a potato masher in your kitchen drawers. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying one:

1. Hassle-free preparation

Mashing potatoes can be hard. It would help if you boiled potatoes for a long time to ensure smooth mashing. However, with a potato masher, even microwave-heated potatoes can be mashed effortlessly and give you a perfect, smooth texture in no time, Now you have more time to focus on adding flavors and the gravy.

2. Provides perfectly mashed potatoes every time

No need to go to a fast-food restaurant to have a taste of fine-made mashed potatoes. You do not have to endure your homemade mashed potatoes anymore. With the best potato masher, creating a restaurant class mashed potatoes is easy and achievable at the comfort of your own home.

3. Not only for potatoes

Who says potato mashers are for potatoes only? The name? Never mind the name then, since this masher can mash even your vegetables and fruit. Potato mashers can be used to chop walnuts, create yummy egg salads, and even a great eastern delight like the hummus. Search the net, and you will find so many recipes you can create with a potato masher on hand.

Clever Uses of Potato Masher

Most people think twice before spending a dollar on potato mashers. The reason? They thought it was only great for creating mashed potatoes recipes. But that’s not the case. Potato mashers are very useful, more versatile than you think, with more uses than just mashing ordinary potatoes. Here are some of them:

1. Pureeing baby food

Baby foods transition from milk to soft foods. So how can you obtain a soft food suitable for your baby? Pureed and mashed foods through potato mashers. Mashed cooked carrots, squash, potatoes, and other nutritious foods can help him get the taste of solid foods.

2. Mashing Cauliflower or Broccoli

Soft, steamed cauliflower or broccoli is a lot easier to break using a potato masher. Because potato mashers have air spaces, these veggies will not turn out to be too fine or too chunky but will have just the right texture.

3. Creating homemade veggie burgers

A potato masher can help a vegan create a nutritious burger made of cooked kidney or black beans. You can add more vegetables to mashed and with a little seasoning, voila! A patty you can cook over a grill or stove for a vegetarian burger.

4. Egg Salads

Are you dicing hard-boiled eggs for a yummy egg salad? Save more time with a potato masher. By just mashing the eggs in a bowl, you can have more time to produce more egg salads for the whole family!

5. Nut Chopping

Instead of chopping soft nuts such as walnuts individually and increase your risk of cutting yourself, you can use a potato masher to mash them in no time and top it on your ice creams, cakes, and other yummy desserts.

6. Creating Baking Crumbs

Love baking? Or maybe you need sweet toppings to go with your ice cream? A potato masher can break crackers and cookies into tidbits for add-ins to your favorite desserts.

7. Breaking Ground Meat

When cooking ground meat for pasta sauces, you may end up with meat that is unevenly cooked. But potato mashers can help. It breaks up the meat and evenly distributes it to the pan so that it browns very well.

What to Look For In a Potato Masher?

Now, before you go shopping for a potato masher, you should first know the things to consider for the best potato masher. Here are some of them:

Best Potato Masher

1. Mashing handle

When choosing the best potato masher, then look for a comfortable handle with a firm grip. Also, you might want to choose one with a good length so that you will not hurt your fingers and hand when mashing. A mashing handle with 5-6 inches of length would be good. Also, you can look for handles with non-slip or silicone rubber so that you can have a firm grip.

2. Type of Mashing Plate

You will love a potato masher with a perforated mashing plate if you want a smooth texture output. But if you are more on chunkier texture, then a potato masher with a wave-style mashing plate would be your pick.

3. Material and Construction

The best potato masher should be made of the best material. It should not bend when mashing since you might hurt your hand and use more energy than necessary. Stainless steel masher offers durability and guarantees that it will not rust.

4. Storage

When looking for a potato masher, check for a circular hole in the handle. This makes storing easier and gives quick accessibility by hanging it instead of locking it away in a kitchen cabinet.

5. Size

Do you love mashed potatoes that much? Then so, you might want to go for a potato masher that is larger than normal. This could help you mash more potatoes in a short time. If you occasionally need it, then the most common and normal size will do.

6. Cleaning

As always, we love kitchen utensils that can be thrown in the dishwasher after use. However, the best potato masher is not only dishwasher safe but also very easy to clean manually. Except for the masher heads, the best potato masher should not have any small spaces or holes where food can get stuck and be a haven for bacteria.

7. Price

How much money are you willing to spend? If you think you will not be using it more often, you can go with cheaper ones. But if you love mashed foods and have a bigger family, then you might want to opt for a more durable potato masher with an equivalent higher price.

Final Thoughts

Did you find this article helpful? I sure hope it does.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the best potato masher that I may not know, feel free to share them with us. Just fire up the comment box below.

I would love to hear from you!

Until then, I wish you tons of mushy potatoes!

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