Circulon vs Calphalon: Which Cookware Is Better?

If you’re in the market for a new cookware set, you are perhaps feeling overwhelmed with so many available options. And this makes choosing the best one quite confusing.

When it comes to quality, reasonable, and reliable cookware brands, Circulon and Calphalon are two of the best options. If you’re having a difficult time choosing between these two options, reading today’s post may help you.

In this Circulon vs Calphalon post, I will discuss both options in detail and, at the same time, compare so that you can pick which one’s for you with ease.

So, if you’re excited to have a new set of cookware, then let’s get started!

Circulon Overview

Circulon Overview


  • Circulon offers a lifetime warranty.
  • The cookware pieces are made with real hard-anodized aluminum
  • Oven-safe
  • It sports an attractive and unique design
  • Easy to maintain


  • The cookware pieces are on the heavier side
  •  It is quite expensive

Circulon is a brand that has been in business for more than 20 years. In that period, it is hard to deny the fact that the company has established a great customer base and solid reputation.

Initially, Circulon made its name by introducing nonstick cookware made with hard-anodized aluminum. What makes the brand stand out from the crowd is that no one has tried to manufacture nonstick aluminum cookware. With that, Circulon undoubtedly revolutionized the cookware industry, which helped them take over the market.

Nevertheless, aluminum is a good material used in cookware; it guarantees even heat distribution. So, when Circulon created the aluminum cookware non-sticky, the top in the market right away.

When it comes to the cookware pieces’ durability, you have nothing to worry about as they’re going to last long. In addition to that, you will be glad to know that Circulon makes use of a three-layer nonstick coating on the cookware pieces. This is to guarantee that the nonstick property doesn’t easily erode.

Another thing that makes Circulon popular in the cookware industry is that it is the first-ever company that makes dishwasher-safe cookware. Having said that, the cleaning time and process become a lot easier.

Calphalon Overview

Calphalon Overview


  • The Calphalon cookware is environmentally friendly
  •  It is backed by a limited 10-year warranty
  • It has forged aluminum construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Beautifully designed lids


  •  The cookware set can’t be used on broilers and induction cooktops.
  •  Using metal utensils is not allowed

Whatever kind of cookware you need, whether stainless-steel cookware or a nonstick one, know that you can easily have it with Calphalon. This brand has been making all kinds of cookware for all kinds of people.

Whether you are simply a home cook or an experienced one, you can surely find the cookware that suits your budget and, of course, your budget. Some of the materials they are using in creating their cookware are stainless steel, enamel cast iron, copper, nonstick, and infused anodized aluminum.

But among all the cookware pieces, anodized aluminum is one of the most renowned options in the cookware industry. With Calphalon cookware sets, you don’t actually need as much heat as other brands do. Thus, when you’re cooking, you can keep the heat low. Calphalon, on the other hand, looks good and is designed in a manner that will let you hold the cookware pieces with ease. As a result, you will not feel uncomfortable as you cook. One more thing, the Calphalon cookware set, particularly the stainless-steel option, is constructed with tri-ply in order to give great heat conductivity. Believe it or not, this is so useful when cooking.

Circulon vs Calphalon Comparison

Circulon vs Calphalon Comparison

Circulon vs Calphalon: Material

For the materials, most Circulon products are made of hard-anodized aluminum. However, they also have cookware with a steel base.

The same as Circulon, Calphalon utilizes hard-anodized aluminum too. But they have different pans and pots that use copper, stainless steel, and enamel cast iron with silicone handles.

Winner: Circulon and Calphalon

Both options are considered winners. If you prefer more choices, you can never go wrong with the Calphalon. But if you want a hard-anodized aluminum, then Circulon is the best one for you.

Nevertheless, Circulon, as well as Calphalon, make use of high-quality materials. So be sure to choose one that suits your needs and cooking styles.

Circulon vs Calphalon: Construction and Design

Circulon and Calphalon are ergonomically designed to make sure that they are convenient and easy to use. If you are the kind of person who wants to achieve an elegant look, especially in your kitchen, Calphalon is for you. Actually, it sports a black coat finish.

Circulon, on the other hand, sports a more tulip shape as well as is available in grey color that helps in upgrading the overall look of your kitchen.

When it comes to the construction, both are made with hard-anodized aluminum that is so durable. It can even guarantee even heat distribution.

The tri-ply nonstick coating of Circulon is based on PTFE and PFOA-free. The Calphalon, however, also comes with a three-layer of nonstick coating. Further, Calphalon is offering a stay-cool stainless handle, while the Circulon has dual-riveted handles with silicone grip for additional comfort.

Winner: Circulon

For this category, the Circulon is considered the best one thanks to its unparalleled construction and design compared to the Calphalon.

Circulon vs. Calphalon: Nonstick Coating

While both Circulon and Calphalon are nonstick, it is worth mentioning that they used different materials. The ceramic coating of the Calphalon is free of PTFE or Teflon. But the nonstick coating of Circulon tends to hold much better.

But while doing this Circulon vs Calphalon, I have found that some users experience minor peeling with Circulon. However, this problem can be avoided if you don’t use any metal utensils and handwash the cookware pieces.

Winner: Calphalon

When it comes to the nonstick coating, Calphalon gets the first stop. While the nonstick isn’t quite as slippery, it works and is healthy and durable when utilized properly.

Circulon vs Calphalon: Oven-Safe

Circulon and Calphalon can be safely used in your oven. But there is a major difference with regards to the temperature.

For Circulon, you can use the cookware in the oven up to 400-degree Fahrenheit, while the Calphalon can go as high as 500-degree Fahrenheit.

Winner: Calphalon

While it is less likely for you to reach 500-degree Fahrenheit when cooking, without a doubt, it clearly means that the Calphalon is the real winner for this category.

Circulon vs Calphalon: Maintenance and Cleaning

When choosing a cookware piece of any kind, one of the most important things that you need to take into account is maintenance and cleaning. After all, no one wants to spend hours and hours in the kitchen cleaning the cookware you use.

Circulon and Calphalon offer cookware pieces that can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher machine. But it is highly advisable to hand wash them, that can significantly reduce cleaning time.

Circulon, however, has raised circles, and in fact, this makes it a bit more difficult to clean than Calphalon. Having said that, it is advisable to soak your Circulon cookware in water before you throw it in your dishwasher. This is to make sure that no food or oil is sticking to it.

On the other hand, the nonstick surface of the Calphalon is so easy to wash and clean. Since it’s dishwasher safe, you can pop it in your dishwasher safe, and you’re all set.

Winner: Calphalon

While both options are dishwasher safe for this category, Calphalon wins since it is easier to maintain and clean than Circulon.

Circulon vs Calphalon: Value for Money

This category refers to the money certain cookware is priced at that is highly reliable on the cookware’s performance and material.

Luckily, both Circulon and Calphalon offer products that are rich in features and have an innovative design. While Calphalon is more expensive compared to Circulon, there are some features found in the former that the latter does not possess.

The high-quality material and innovative design utilized in Circulon will surely grab your attention, and this makes it a great value for the money. Nevertheless, Circulon and cookware are so durable and have sturdy construction. Having said that, the decision when it comes to your budget will depend on you.

Winner: Circulon

Since it offers great value for money, Circulon is the winner in this category. Circulon is jam-packed with high durability, features, and performance.

Circulon vs Calphalon: Versatility and Cooktop Compatibility

This Circulon vs Calphalon guide will not be completed without mentioning versatility and cooktop compatibility.

The cookware’s versatility and compatibility considerably depend on the materials used for the construction. In order to avoid damages to the cooktop, it is best that you opt for cookware with a flat bottom.

One of the best things about the Circulon is that it can be used on all kinds of cooktops like gas stoves, glass-ceramic, electric. But it is not suitable for induction like Calphalon.

Calphalon and Circulon, on the other hand, provide excellent versatility since you can easily cook various dishes. Calphalon comes with a BPA-free silicone insert recirculating the boiling water back into the cookware. This even makes boiling potatoes, beans, plates of pasta, and rice hassle-free.

However, Circulon is also versatile, but compared to Calphalon, it actually falls short on this area.

Winner: Calphalon

When it comes to versatility and cooktop compatibility, Circulon and Calphalon are almost the same. But there is a minor difference. Without a doubt, Calphalon is more versatile and compatible than Circulon, which makes it the champion.

Circulon vs Calphalon: Warranty

Circulon products come with a lifetime warranty in order to be free of damages or defects in the material as well as quality under regular household use.

The brand boasts that their nonstick may last 10 times longer compared to the competition. But this only applies to the Momentum, Elementum, and Symmetry cookware lines. One more thing, some of their products are backed by a lifetime warranty while others have a ten-year warranty.

But keep in mind that the warranty of both brands depends on the product lines you are planning to buy.

Winner: Circulon

Because of the hassle-free warranty, Circulon definitely wins this category, as the two different kinds of warranty offered may pose a red flag in terms of durability.


In this Circulon vs Calphalon post, it is hard to deny that both options are made of quality material, convenient to use, strong and durable, and not toxic. While these brands perform well and can meet your cooking needs and style, you can’t have them all, and thus you will need to make a decision you will not regret.

You can buy Circulon if you want:

You can buy Calphalon if you want:

  • An easy to maintain cookware pieces
  • To spend a little more on a quality cookware set
  • More choices for cookware pieces

While there is no wrong with which brand is the best, always keep in mind that the best one will depend on your cooking needs, style, and budget. But I hope that today’s post has helped you make a well-informed decision.

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