Health Benefits of Coconut Water

For years, coconut water is fast becoming famous because not only is it tasty and refreshing it is also good for your health.

Coconut water is consists of minerals and other nutrients that a person needs. It is also considered as a substitute for drinking water.

1. It is a good source of nutrients

This healthy water is found in coconut. It also helps to nourish the fruit.

As a coconut develops or grows, the juice inside sustains its liquid form. However, if the liquid ripens, it turns into solid flesh, which is called coconut meat.

Health Benefits of Coconut Water
Health Benefits of Coconut Water – Good source of nutrients

It is made naturally of coconut, and it contains 95% of the water that contains a small amount of fat.

If you think that coconut water is the same as coconut milk, you are wrong. Coconut milk is made with grated coconut and water. It contains a high amount of fat and only 50% water.

10-12 months is what it takes for a coconut to be fully matured. It naturally comes from coconuts that are only about 6-7 months, though it is found normally inside a mature coconut.

An averagely sized coconut can provide 0.5-1 cup of water.

1 cup of coconut water contains about 46 calories, and also:

  • 9g of carbs
  • 3g of fiber
  • 2g of protein
  • 10% of RDI is Vitamin C
  • 15% of RDI is Magnesium
  • 17% of RDI is Manganese
  • 17% of RDI is Potassium
  • 11% of RDI is Sodium
  • 6% of RDI is Calcium

The bottom line here is that coconut water can be found in young coconuts six months old, though it can also be found in mature coconuts. However, it has lesser water content.

2. It has antioxidant properties

Free radicals are produced during metabolism and are unstable molecules. It increases the production based on how stressed you are and if you have an injury.

When your body has an extensive amount of free radicals, your body is in oxidative stress that can escalate the risk of you having a disease and damage your cells.

It has antioxidant properties
Health Benefits of Coconut Water – It has antioxidant properties

A study shows that a rat with a damaged liver improved its oxidative stress that is given a coconut.

However, there is no eligibility that an antioxidant activity will work on humans.

The bottom line is that the water from a coconut can protect your cells from free radicals, and it has antioxidants.

3. It may cure diabetes

Coconut water can lower your blood sugar, according to research.

A study shows that a rat that is diabetic was given coconut water, it sustained a good sugar level.

However, to confirm that it affects human health, further studies will be done.

Yet, with 3 grams digestible carb and fiber that are only 6 grams for every cup, it can be an alternative meal plan for a person with diabetes.

Health benefits of Dragon Fruits - It may cure diabetes
Health benefits of Dragon Fruits – It may cure diabetes

The bottom line is that coconut water can reduce sugar levels and increase your insulin sensitivity.

4. It may prevent kidney stones

Drinking a certain amount of fluid can prevent you from having a kidney stone.

Though some suggest plain water, a study suggests coconut water as a more effective fluid that prevents kidney stones.

A kidney stone is formed when oxalate and calcium combine in a crystal form in your urine.

Health Benefits of Coconut Water -  It may prevent kidney stones

A study was done on rats that have kidney stones. The coconut fluid prevented the crystals from sticking into the kidney. It also lessens the number of crystals that are forming in the urine.

The researchers believed that the coconut water reduced the free radicals that occurred responding to the oxalate level in urine.

This is just the first experiment that proves that coconut water can lessen the production of kidney stones.

The bottom line is that coconut water has the potential to prevent you from having kidney stones.

5. It may support your Heart health

Drinking a certain amount of coconut water can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

In a study, the rats which consumed coconut fluid has reduced their triglycerides and blood cholesterol. The rats also underwent some decrease in fat.

Health Benefits of Coconut Water - It may support your Heart health
Health Benefits of Coconut Water – It may support your Heart health

The researchers also conducted a study where rats were served with the same food and treated with a similar amount of coconut water.

In less than a month, the rats treated with coconut water show s reduction in triglyceride and cholesterol.

But, it is important to take note that the rats were given a large dose. It is equal to a 70kg person consuming about 90oz of coconut water every day to humans.

Yet, the result that it can reduce cholesterol is very impressive that it should be investigated thoroughly.

The bottom line is that the studies on animals suggest that coconut water can lower some cholesterol properties.

6. It may reduce your Blood Pressure

Coconut water serves as a good beverage in controlling your blood pressure.

In a study, the researchers picked five individuals with high blood and were given some coconut water. Most of them showed a similar improvement in their blood pressure.

Health Benefits of Coconut Water - reduce your Blood Pressure

In addition, 240 ml of coconut water contains a high amount of potassium. Potassium can lower your blood pressure if you have normal or high blood pressure.

Another study shows that an animal was given coconut water every day, and it helped the animal to prevent a blood clot informing.

The bottom line is that coconut water can help you lower your blood pressure, decreasing the possibility of a blood clot forming in your arteries.

7. It has a positive effect on prolonged exercise

Coconut water is the perfect drink for hydrating your body, and it replenishes electrolytes used during the workout.

Electrolytes have a major role in your body. It includes maintaining your body’s fluid balance.

It includes calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium.

Some studies proved that it could replenish some lost fluid in your body more than regular water because coconut water is nearly equal to some athlete’s energy drinks.

The individuals who undergone this study also said that drinking coconut water caused less stomach discomfort and nausea.

But, a small study compared coconut water to energy drinks that it causes stomach upset and bloating.

The bottom line is that the effectiveness of coconut water is comparable to that of sports beverages or energy drinks.

8. It is a delicious foundation of hydration

The coconut water has that sweet and nutty flavor in it. The good thing is that it has a very low amount of carbs and calories, which can help you maintain the body figure you’ve always liked.

Store the coconut in the refrigerator and consume it within two to three weeks of purchase.

You can store it in your refrigerator to keep it fresh. However, you have to consume it after two weeks.

It can also be purchased in a bottle, mostly in malls and grocery stores.

Health Benefits of Coconut Water - It is a delicious foundation of hydration

But, you should always check if the bottled coconut water contains 100% of coconut water because other brands put some sugar and other flavoring contents, which may be bad for your health.

Coconut water is mostly used for salad dressing, pudding, smoothies, or drinking it like plain water with a naturally sweet flavor.

The bottom line is that you should consume it whether it is bottled or not and avoid some brand that adds preservatives or any sweeteners.

9. It promotes weight loss

Coconut water is a good source of fluid if you are to lose weight. Because its water has a low content of calories, it contains various enzymes which boost metabolism and aid digestion.

Health Benefits of Coconut Water - It promotes weight loss
Health Benefits of Coconut Water – It promotes weight loss

And in addition, it has a rich content of potassium that can help balance the sodium in your body. An extensive amount of sodium causes water retention and contributes to gaining weight. Therefore, coconut water can help you to flush out some excess water and toxin in your body.

You can consume 8oz. of coconut water three times every week to help you lose some weight. Don’t consume coconut water excessively because it tends to add unwanted calories to your body.

The bottom line is that coconut water can help you lose some weight, but it can also add some calories if you drink excessively.

10. It may cure headaches

Headaches and migraines are caused by dehydration. However, coconut water is an alternative cure for these cases because it helps supply your body with electrolytes, and it can boost hydration.

It also has magnesium. Those who experience migraines and headaches have the lowest amount of magnesium in their body. Magnesium helps in reducing the regularity of headaches and migraines. Plus, it is healthy, nutritious, delicious, and it is good for all.

The bottom line is that coconut water can provide your body the much-needed amount of magnesium to prevent migraines and headaches.


Coconut water is an essential source of vitamins and nutrients that our body needs. It can also cure various types of sickness. It’s not like any other medicine or syrup that has a bitter taste. While it cures your sickness, it also refreshes and replenishes your body. So it is most recommended that you drink coconut water instead of any manufactured drink elsewhere.

A natural source of fluid is way better than any commercial or sports drink in the market without the added preservatives. So if you ever want a natural cleanse or just a replenishment of your lost fluid, coconut water might be the best for you.

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