How to Make an Awesome Birthday Cake Everyone Will Love?

A birthday won’t be complete without a birthday cake, some candles, and a hopeful wish. Anyone, be it you, your kids, or your significant other, should have a cake on their birthday. Nowadays, there are already so many pastry shops where you can buy a ready-made cake. But a homemade birthday cake is certainly a more special gift to give the celebrant. The question now is: how to make a great birthday cake?

Don’t worry. In this article, we’ll share with you how to do it. You can pull off a homemade cake anytime after reading this post. You will be able to bake a tender-crumbed, buttery cake that is topped with flavorful butter cream swirls and sprinkles. After the rather challenging part of measuring ingredients and preheating the oven to the right temperature and watching the cake rise to perfection, you will certainly look forward to decorating the cake. We’ll cover that one, too.

So now, let’s begin to discuss some of the cakes that you can bake in your own kitchen for the birthdays and unbirthdays, as the Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter fondly celebrates.

Baking a Yellow Cake

The Yellow Cake you’ll be able to make with this recipe is sure to be tender and moist, with a rich butter flavor. This is because of the whole eggs and butter that is added to the cake batter. Let’s start with some of the few key reminders in baking the perfect Yellow Birthday Cake.

Remember to evenly grease the pans

To ensure that nothing will stick to the pan, you can use flour, extra butter, or a nonstick spray in coating the pans. You can even use parchment paper at the bottom of the pans for that added security. Before flipping out the cakes, you have to give it some time to cool, around ten minutes.

Use Only Room-Temperature Butter

Proper creaming is very essential when it comes to making cakes. Proper creaming is when you beat the sugar and butter together until they are fluffy and light. This ensures that the cake is tender. It also helps in making the cake rise perfectly. When you use room-temperature butter, the creaming process becomes much easier. It also makes the batter prepared for other ingredients to be mixed such as milk, flour, and eggs.

Mix Everything Well

After you have added the milk, eggs, and flour mixture, allot three minutes to beat the batter. Don’t be worried that you’ll over mix the cake and that it’s going to result in a tough and chewy cake. If you’re baking for the first time, you should know that you shouldn’t baby the batter. If you do, you’ll end up with an uneven rise, a flat cake, or a tunnel-filled one. By mixing the batter well, it becomes homogenous as it incorporates air.

Have Patience

When all the hard work is done, for sure, you’re excited to do the fun part which is frosting. But before that, you have to let the cake cool completely. While waiting, you don’t have to be idle. You can watch a Friends rerun; you can workout, you can read, you can take a nap. After you’re done with you activities, the cake will be ready for some good frosting.

Making a Classic Chocolate Frosting

For the yellow cake, the perfect and classic frosting is the chocolate frosting. It is rich and sumptuous. Adults will love the dark chocolate. However, this may be a bit too dark for the kids. We’ll show you a recipe that is flavored with Ovaltine instead of using cocoa powder or unsweetened chocolate.

Here’s a secret we’ll tell you when you make this frosting. You can actually add a secret ingredient. Mayonnaise. Yes, you read that right. Use two tablespoons of mayonnaise. It makes the frosting so much creamier. Don’t worry; it doesn’t affect the sweetness.​

Don’t be Afraid of Imperfections

When the beautiful cake and the perfect sweet chocolate frosting are ready, you may now begin executing the most exciting part of making a cake. Before we proceed, here’s another secret we’ll share with you. Maybe your cake has some imperfections. It’s your first time; don’t be too hard on yourself.

Don’t you know that professional cake decorating is all about working around the imperfections and transforming them into art? Yes! So be creative when it comes to decorating your cake. You don’t need to hide those imperfections. Find a way to incorporate them into the overall look of the cake instead.

Making an Awesome Birthday Cake

By making this cake, you will be producing one two-layer cake that is about 9 inches and can have a serving of around eight to twelve. So, here’s what you're going to need.

Ingredients for the Yellow Cake

  • Three-fourth cup of room-temperature unsalted butter
  • Two tbsps of mayonnaise
  • ​One-third cup of Rich Chocolate Ovaltine powder
  • ​Two and a half cups powdered sugar
  • ​One tsp pure vanilla extract
  • ​Half tsp of fine salt
  • And two ounces of bittersweet or unsweetened chocolate that is melted

What You’ll Need

  • Two nine-inch round cake pans
  • Cooking spray
  • ​Stand or electric hand mixer
  • ​Measuring spoons and cups
  • ​Wire cooling rack
  • ​Cake plate or stand
  • Offset spatula


  • Heating the Oven and Preparing the Pans
  • Place a rack in the middle of the oven.
  • ​Heat to 350°F.
  • ​Prepare the pans by thoroughly greasing them with cooking spray or butter.
  • ​Sprinkle a bit of flour on the pan.
  • ​Shake to evenly distribute.
  • ​Tap out any excess.
  • You can also use parchment paper.

Creaming the Butter and Sugar

  • With the mixer, beat the butter and sugar on medium speed.
  • Mix until light and fluffy. This usually takes around three minutes.
  • ​Add the eggs. Mix until fully incorporated.
  • ​Add the flour.
  • ​Add the milk and vanilla.
  • ​On low speed, beat all of the ingredients for thirty seconds.
  • ​On high speed, beat all of the ingredients for three minutes.
  • Remember to scrape the sides of the bowl as needed.

Baking the Cake

  • Divide the batter and place into the two pans.
  • Place in the oven.
  • ​Bake for twenty-five to thirty minutes.
  • You’ll know it’s ready when the top of the cake bounces lightly when you press it and when the cake can be pulled away from the pan’s sides.

Cooling the Cake

  • Leave the cake on the cooling rack for fifteen minutes.
  • When completely cooled, it will fall right out.
  • ​Flip the pan onto the rack.
  • ​Tap gently all over.
  • ​Lift the pan, and the cake will be released.
  • ​Flip the cakes, so they are right-side up.
  • Let them completely cool before frosting.

Making the Frosting

  • With the mixer, beat the mayonnaise, butter, and Ovaltine together.
  • Mix until the color lightens up and the volume has increased, about a minute in medium-high speed.
  • ​Add the powdered sugar a half-cup at a time.
  • ​Mix until fully incorporated.
  • ​Add the melted chocolate, salt, and vanilla extract.
  • Beat for at least five minutes on medium-high speed until fluffy.

Filling the Cake

  • Put the cake’s bottom layer on a serving dish or cake stand.
  • Put one-third of the frosting on the cake’s center.
  • ​Spread towards the edges.
  • ​Smooth it out evenly.
  • Invert the next cake on top of the frosting.

Frosting the Cake

  • Look at your cake and check if it is leaning or crooked.
  • Press it gently to put it back into place.
  • ​Put frosting on top of the cake.
  • ​Use an offset spatula.
  • ​Smoothen out the frosting.
  • ​Push it towards the edge of the cake
  • When you’re finished with the top, apply frosting onto the sides.


And you’re ready to slice and serve! You may serve it immediately, or you can refrigerate it overnight. Remember to allow the cake to cool at room temperature before serving it.

Some notes

As for storing, you can cover your cake leftovers and store them in the fridge for up to a week. You can also store unfrosted cake. Wrap it in plastic at room temperature. It can last for a week. You can also freeze them. They can last up to three months.


Now that you know how to make an awesome birthday cake, you can start baking them even without birthday parties! You can just bake them whenever you want a cake. Isn’t that fun? Not to mention convenient! If you have kids, you can have a fun activity with them by letting them help you in baking and especially in frosting. They will surely have a great time doing that.

Did you try making this Yellow Butter Birthday Cake? How was it? Tell us your experience in the comments below!​

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