How To Use Pears In Autumn Recipes

How To Use Pears In Autumn Recipes 1 #cookymom

While pears aren't talked about quite as much as apples, they are one of the most popular fruits of the autumn season. They make a great snack on their own. For something a little bit heartier, you can also have them with a few slices of cheese or a handful of nuts. They work well when chopped up and mixed into salads, as well.

Baked goods like crumbles, cakes, and tarts are also delicious when made with pears. Serve up a slice of pear custard pie, and watch your guests clean their plates! Usually, if a recipe uses apples, you can substitute pears instead for a slightly different flavor. The tips below will help you buy beautiful pears, store them correctly, and properly prepare them for all of your favorite fall treats.

Buying Perfect Pears

Pears are harvested before they ripen, which means that they usually are hard when you purchase them at the store.

Check the skin of the pear for any signs of bruising or any unusual marks. Pears with even, unmarked skin are the best choice.

Most stores or fruit vendors carry a few different types of pears. The majority of these varieties are delicious when eaten raw or when cooked. Comice pears are some of the best to eat raw since they are extremely juicy. Bosc pears, on the other hand, are a lot firmer, which makes them ideal for adding to cooked dishes.

Tips For Storing Pears

Instead of putting newly-purchased pears in the refrigerator, leave them out on the counter where they can continue ripening. Certain varieties experience color changes as they ripen. The most effective way to tell whether or not a pear is ripe, however, is by squeezing it at the narrow end. If it is soft enough that it presses in under your fingers, the pear is most likely ripe. If the body of the pear is soft, however, it may be too ripe, which can result in a spongy or grainy texture.

If you want to speed up the ripening process, try putting the pears into a bag along with an apple. The ethylene gas given off by apples promotes faster ripening.

After the pears are ripe, move them to the refrigerator to help them last longer. Most refrigerated pears stay good for as long as five days. Pears that have ripened are quite fragile and can easily be damaged, which is why it is important to treat them with care.

Tips For Preparing Pears

The easiest way to remove the skin of a pear is with a vegetable peeler. To get the greatest nutritional value, however, consider leaving the skin in place since it contains a lot of nutrients.

Melon ballers are great for getting rid of pear stems and cores.

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