Top 5 Nutritious Food for Bike Riders

A proper nutrition is essential for any sports activity but more so cycling. For you to enjoy riding, you need energy and hydration. You can easily get this from a proper meal.

People often ask: which is the best nutrition for a cyclist?

The reason for this question is that there’s so much information in regards to cyclist’s nutrition which makes it tricky to know what works. Below are the suggested nutritious foods to eat.

1. Carbohydrates

This works as your body fuel. It’s the bodies primary source of energy. The required amount of carbohydrates is stored in the muscles then the rest is stored as body fat. Your body then utilizes this fat as calories when you are depleted of carbohydrates.

While carbohydrates have received a bad reputation, the right amount at the right time works well for a cyclist. The amount you should take in a week is dependent on the miles you ride per week. You could use about 5-9 grams of carbohydrate for every kilo you weigh in a day.

Alternatively, when you are about 2-3 hours away from riding consume a fist size of low glycemic carbohydrates. Don’t be tempted to take a large serving as this may accumulate and increase your weight. Low glycemic carbohydrates digestion is rapid. You may use energy drinks during the ride.

The food you believe that gives you carbohydrates aren’t the same. They have completely different impacts on your energy levels. Some foods may take longer to break down while others may give you more energy than you need.

  • Choose wholegrains slow release carbohydrates for ultimate energy through your ride.
  • Oats, some vegetables and fruits are also great sources of rich carbohydrates.
  • Coconut oil is a healthy kind of fat for your body that will quickly convert to energy.
  • Rye bread toast, scrambled eggs and porridge is good to give you quick energy.
  • Use bananas too before the ride and corn flakes or rice crisps after the ride.

2. Enough calories

As a cyclist or anyone in the different kinds of sports, your calories level requirement increases. However, don’t overconsume the calorie-rich food.

The problem is that when people are allowed to increase their calorie intake, they sometimes surpass the requirement. This works to their disadvantage.

How you calculate your additional calories is by counting the miles you take per day then calculating that with 40-50 calories. Assuming you have gone for 40 miles today, you should consume between 1600-2000 calories.

Expect to feel hungrier than you usually do when cycling because your body is looking for ways to feed the lost body fats.

  • Use some extra olive oil or canola oil when cooking your after cycling meal or hours before you go cycling.
  • Use the different kinds of nuts before riding or immediately after riding.
  • Make sandwiches that contain avocado. 
  • Eat some fatty fish like salmon every once a while.
  • Drink a cup of chocolate milk.
  • Use berries.
  • Carry your snacks along to use during your ride.

Nevertheless, if you are aiming at losing weight then try to reduce the calories intake.  Make it a reduction of about 250 calories. During intense training for your competitions though, just take in the calories because your body needs it.

3. Protein is good

Most people don’t think that protein is essential for sports activities. However, enough protein helps you maintain a healthy body with a bodybuilding characteristic. It’s essential for maintaining the tissues and thus helping in their quick recovery in case of an accident.

Remember, when training you use up your muscle and unless you eat enough protein to help in their recovery, you won’t replenish the damaged tissues. Note that, protein fills you up just the same way calorie-rich food does. So, increase your protein to keep your appetite at bay.

  • The richly fibred beans are a good source of protein aside from lean meat.
  • Use amaranth which is a healthy choice that is gluten-free. It will make your digestion easy and make recovering from injury fast.
  • Scallops and crabs are both rich in protein. The crab meat is responsible for lean muscle mass and omega 3 fatty acid. They are also rich in minerals that boost immunity.
  • Use chicken breasts, milk and eggs.

Here, limit the need to take red meat and processed ones as they are linked to various diseases. Just like your carbohydrate above, limit the amount you consume.

4. Use the right minerals and vitamins

There are 2 kinds of vitamins:

  • Water-soluble vitamins
  • Fat-soluble ones.

The fat-soluble ones which are stored in the body include vitamins A, D, K, & E. The water-soluble ones must be consumed daily for they aren’t stored in the body.

You also need small quantities of calcium, zinc and iron on a daily basis. You can source these nutrients from different veggies and fruits. If you can take five pieces of fruits and veggies per day you will protect your body against diseases while maintaining bone strength.

  • Use supplements like the vitamin c and iron or zinc in moderation to boost your body vitamin.
  • The celery sticks and beetroots will work best to produce Nitrate and other vitamins which you need for a wholesome body development.
  • Carrots, pineapples, cucumbers and tuna salad will give the vitamins and minerals you need.

5. Use different fluids

For a maintained focus and strength, you need to stay hydrated. A cyclist should take about 2 liters of water as they lose a lot of water cycling. For greater balance, use both the water and different kinds of fluids.

Always drink the water to cover for the weight you lost already. This will help you attain a body balance. Remember, the moment you get dehydrated, a slow in performance is expected. Therefore, carry enough bottles of water and fluids to cover for your lost fluids.

Fluids for cyclists

  • Zipvit sport elite: this drink works to reduce fatigue, stomach upset and cramping.
  • Eliver endure drink: it supports your muscles using the proteins, vital minerals and vitamins that it has.
  • Torq natural drink is your energy drink that contains no sweeteners or colors.
  • High 5 energy source 4:1 super carb: the drink is a pack of all the nutrient your body needs. The carbohydrates, proteins and minerals.


When you want to ride fast and steady you should buy the best single speed bikes. You also need the strength to cycle which you will consume from the above nutritious food.

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